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Freeze-dried | Hypoallergenic | All-natural

​凍乾 | 低敏 | 天然

  • Carna4 | Synthetic-free easy chew fish for Dogs 狗狗全天然鯡魚乾糧

Carna4 | Synthetic-free easy chew fish for Dogs 狗狗全天然鯡魚乾糧

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Carna4 Easy-Chew Fish variety is whole food nutrition for all life stages of your dog customized with a slightly softer, smaller nugget – perfect for the little mouths of puppies and small breeds, as well as older dogs that have trouble with chewing. Carna4’s delicious air-dried nuggets are highly digestible and so densely packed with whole foods that you may need to feed 10-15% less per day than you are used to. Our Fish formula is loaded with fresh wild-caught herring and perch. We then add whole produce and our amazing mix of certified organic sprouted seeds that have been germinated to unleash a POWERHOUSE of NUTRIENTS naturally, to support your dog’s intestinal health, energy, skin and coat. We then quick-bake & gently dry it to give your dog bio-available vitamins and minerals, without synthetic additives of any kind. No vitamin pre-mix needed nor added, ever.


Like all Carna4 formulas, our fresh food ingredients provide your dog a clean, complete whole foods diet that is every-day-easy. Perfect for alternating with a raw or home-cooked diet. Our sprouted seed mix offers a wealth of super-nutrients, including very high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and billions of CFUs of probiotics to levels far exceeding AAFCO standards.


And thanks to our sprouted seeds, all our Carna4 formulas are LOW GLYCEMIC and LOW GLUTEN – ideal for sensitive dogs. We use only 100% true food and you can easily pronounce the name of every ingredient in Carna4 because every one is grown only on Canadian and American farms. Nothing imported, no synthetics, no byproducts, no meals, no fillers, no protein concentrates, just REAL FOOD for your dog.


Carna4 全天然鯡魚乾糧是適合狗狗的所有生命階段的全食物營養,採用稍微柔軟、更小的金塊定制 - 非常適合幼犬和小型品種的小嘴,以及咀嚼困難的老年犬。 Carna4 美味的風乾金塊極易消化,富含全食物,您每天的餵食量可能比平時少 10-15%。我們的魚配方含有新鮮的野生鯡魚和鱸魚。然後,我們添加整個產品和經過認證的有機發芽種子的驚人混合物,這些種子已經發芽以自然釋放出大量的營養物質,以支持您的狗的腸道健康、能量、皮膚和皮毛。然後我們快速烘烤並輕輕乾燥,為您的狗提供生物可利用的維生素和礦物質,不含任何類型的合成添加劑。永遠不需要或添加維生素預混劑。


像所有 Carna4 配方一樣,我們的新鮮食品成分為您的愛犬提供清潔、完整的全食物飲食,每天都很輕鬆。非常適合與生食或家常飲食交替使用。我們的發芽種子混合物提供豐富的超級營養素,包括非常高水平的天然抗氧化劑和 Omega-3 脂肪酸、氨基酸、維生素、礦物質、酶和數十億 CFU 的益生菌,其水平遠遠超過 AAFCO 標準。


多虧了我們發芽的種子,我們所有的 Carna4 配方都是低血糖和低麩質的——非常適合敏感的狗。我們只使用 100% 真正的食物,您可以輕鬆地說出 Carna4 中每種成分的名稱,因為每種成分都只在加拿大和美國農場種植。沒有進口,沒有合成,沒有副產品,沒有膳食,沒有填充劑,沒有濃縮蛋白,只是為您的狗提供真正的食物。

    • Made in Canada, Carna4 tests every batch for safety before it goes to market. We are proud to work with other family operations who also believe in sustainability, a drug-free food chain, and non-GMO, humane farming practices.
    • Our 100% real food recipes contain no synthetics of any kind, not even the vitamin pre-mixes found in most other ‘natural’ foods. We offer your companion animal innovative ingredients that are amazing super-foods—-check out the nutritional power of our organic sprouted seeds!

    • Carna4 在加拿大製造,在推出市場前都對每批產品進行安全測試,而且我們很自豪能與其他同樣相信可持續性、無毒食物鍊和非基因改造、人道農業實踐的家族企業合作。

    • 我們使用 100% 真正的食材不含任何合成物質,甚至不含大多數其他“天然”食物中的維生素預混物。 我們為您的伴侶寵物提供創新成分,這些成分是令人驚嘆的超級食品——看看我們有機發芽種子的營養價值!