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Freeze-dried | Hypoallergenic | All-natural

​凍乾 | 低敏 | 天然

  • Pawfect | Freeze Dried Delish Fresh Apple Treats 凍乾狗小食 - 蘋果

Pawfect | Freeze Dried Delish Fresh Apple Treats 凍乾狗小食 - 蘋果

HK$75.00 Regular Price
HK$65.00Sale Price

Apples are a fantastic low-calorie snack packed with valuable nutrients, making them a great choice for a snack or training reward. As our furry friends blissfully crunch the apple treats, they simultaneously receive the benefits of many vitamins and minerals. In addition to rich amounts of dietary fibre vitamin A, C & K, these treats contain no sodium and saturated fat. The extremely low protein content makes these treats a good choice for dogs that have restrictive diets that don’t allow for high protein and fat. This is especially helpful for senior dogs or dogs with certain illnesses. The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids enhance coat and skin health, while phosphorous and calcium contribute significantly to cartilage and bone health. The antioxidants contained in these fruits may help with warding off cancer and degenerative conditions like joint diseases.


Simple, Delicious, Nutritious and Pawfect!


  • 100% natural dog treats
  • Gluten and grain Free
  • No added preservatives or additives
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Ethically & sustainably sourced ingredients


蘋果低熱量而又含有豐富的營養,是零食或訓練獎勵的絕佳選擇。當狗狗愉快地咀嚼蘋果零食時,他們同時獲得了許多維他命和礦物質 - 除了富含膳食纖維、維他命 A、C 和 K 外,蘋果亦不含鈉和飽和脂肪,另外其極低的蛋白質含​​量是有超重問題狗狗的理想選擇。蘋果的奧米加3及奧米加 6脂肪酸有效改善毛髮和皮膚的健康,而磷和鈣對軟骨和骨骼健康亦十分有益,另外抗氧化劑可能有助於預防關節退化等疾病。




  • 100% 純天然
  • 不含麩質和穀物
  • 不添加防腐劑或添加劑
  • 人類食品級別
  • 採用符合道德和可持續採購的食材


Weight 重量: 40g

    • Improved immunity and eye health
    • Contributes to great skin and coat
    • Aids in digestions
    • Low in calories


    • 提高免疫力和保持眼睛健康
    • 有助於改善皮膚和毛髮健康
    • 幫助消化
    • 低卡路里