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Freeze-dried | Hypoallergenic | All-natural

​凍乾 | 低敏 | 天然

  • Pawfect | Freeze-Dried Chicken Dogs Treats with Asian Greens 凍乾狗小食 - 芒果雞肉

Pawfect | Freeze-Dried Chicken Dogs Treats with Asian Greens 凍乾狗小食 - 芒果雞肉

HK$80.00 Regular Price
HK$65.00Sale Price



The delicious Asian Green treats packed with nutrients dense fruits, vegetables, and free-range chicken is a perfect way to introduce your dogs to a flexitarian regime. Not only these treats are a powerhouse of nourishment but a whole new world of uniquely delicious taste.


80% 雞肉; 20% 芒果、蘿蔔、菠菜和青豆




Weight 重量: 50g

    • 100% Natural
    • Human grade
    • Freeze-dried to protect all-natural enzymes and nutrients.
    • Grain & Gluten-free. No wheat corn or soy. No additive, colour, preservatives, or additives
    • Helps support good eyesight, healthy skin & digestive tract
    • Serve as is or for meatier texture, rehydrate it with water
    • Developed in collaboration with veterinarians and leading breeders


    • 100% 純天然
    • 人類食品級別
    • 凍乾處理以保存所有天然酶和營養。
    • 無穀物和無麩質
    • 不含小麥、玉米或大豆
    • 不含添加劑、色素或防腐劑
    • 富含天然蛋白質,維他命和礦物質
    • 與獸醫和狗狗繁殖專家合作研發
  • Pawfect is an UK brand and they insist that each and every one of the ingredients is 100% natural, human-grade, gluten-free, and devoid of any lazy, synthetic nasties (preservatives, colourings….). Their production facility in India is an approved pet food facility & HACCP, ISO-22000-2018 certified and BRC credited, whereas the quality and safety of the pet food products satisfy the stringent standards imposed by the UK regulations.

    • Winner of Gold PetQuip Awards in 2019 (International Trade Associationof Pet Equipment Suppliers in Europe)
    • Finalist of Nourish Awards 2020 (a UK’s leading health food award)


    Pawfect 是一個英國品牌,他們堅持每一種成分都是 100% 天然、人類食品級別、無麩質,並且不含任何人造化學物質(防腐劑、色素等等),Pawfect 位於印度的生產設施是經HACCP,ISO-22000-2018 和 BRC 認證,其產品的品質及安全亦符合英國法例對寵物食品嚴謹的要求。

    • 2019 年 PetQuip 金獎得獎者(歐洲寵物設備供應商國際貿易協會)
    • 2020 年Nourish Awards營養獎入圍者(英國行業領先的健康食品獎)
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