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Freeze-dried | Hypoallergenic | All-natural

​凍乾 | 低敏 | 天然

  • Northwest Naturals | Raw Rewards Green Lipped Mussels 凍乾綠唇青口

Northwest Naturals | Raw Rewards Green Lipped Mussels 凍乾綠唇青口

HK$130.00 Regular Price
HK$114.00Sale Price

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards are single ingredient treats that are sure to get the tails wagging. Green Lipped Mussels are a nutrient packed snack which not only provides a natural source of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, but can also help reduce inflammation. This makes it a great treat for dogs that need a little extra booster for joint health. Each mussel is gently freeze-dried to protect the nutrients and flavor. Northwest Naturals are proudly made in Portland Oregon in a USDA human food inspected facility.


Northwest Naturals 的「生肉獎勵」包含單一食材美味小食,肯定會使你的寵物興奮得尾巴擺不停。 這款綠唇青口是一種營養豐富的零食,含抗氧化成分、酵素、維他命和礦物質等和種營養,同時幫助減輕炎症特別,特別適合需要關注關節健康的寵物。 每一塊綠唇青口都經過溫和凍乾處理,完整保存其營養和風味。Northwest Naturals的產品均在位於美國俄勒岡州波特蘭市美國農業部檢測通過的人類食品生產工場製造,十分安全。


Weight 重量: 2oz/56.7g

    • Made in Portland, Oregon
    • Freeze dried single protein treat
    • Uses high-quality ingredient - green lipped mussel
    • Freeze dried using high-pressure processing - takes out the moisture and locks in the nutrients and flavour
    • Easy to break apart and can be used as a food topper
    • Grain and gluten free
    • Suitable for both cats and dogs of all life stages and breeds


    • 在美國俄勒岡州波特蘭市製造
    • 以單一食材經凍乾處理,去除水分並鎖定營養和風味
    • 使用優質食材 - 綠唇青口
    • 可加入到主食作為點綴
    • 不含穀物和麩質
    • 適用於所有品種的貓貓和狗狗