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Freeze-dried | Hypoallergenic | All-natural

​凍乾 | 低敏 | 天然

  • RAWZ | Shredded Chicken & Duck for Cats 貓貓雞肉、鴨肉罐頭
  • RAWZ | Shredded Chicken & Duck for Cats 貓貓雞肉、鴨肉罐頭

RAWZ | Shredded Chicken & Duck for Cats 貓貓雞肉、鴨肉罐頭

HK$30.00 Regular Price
HK$26.00Sale Price

The Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw. Minimally Processed.


  • Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Contain polysaccharides which lower bad cholesterol.
  • Contain an amino acid that lowers glucose absorption.
  • Contain powerful phytonutrients which aid in multiple digestive and neurological functions.




  • 天然富含維生素和礦物質。
  • 含有降低壞膽固醇的多醣。
  • 含有降低葡萄糖吸收的氨基酸。
  • 含有強大的植物營養素,有助於多種消化和神經功能。
  • Comprised of gently cooked meat, RAWZ is highly palatable without the need for added fats. 


    Carbohydrates are an essential part of a balanced diet, but just like humans, regularly consuming foods high in carbohydrates can lead to poor health. Some conventional pet foods are comprised of over 50% carbohydrates and even range up to 40% in some grain-free pet foods. Instead of grains and potatoes, RAWZ use alternative sources such as pea starch, which has a lower glycemic index and is an excellent source of insoluble fiber.


    Moderate fat and lower carbohydrate levels can help prevent some of the most prevalent health issues found in our pets today: obesity and diabetes. 

    A raw diet is as pure as it gets. Made with human grade, gently cooked, minimally processed ingredients, RAWZ is the ideal complement to a raw or homemade diet. 

    Good food takes time to prepare. For that reason, RAWZ is gently cooked in smaller batches to a level that ensures food safety, and nothing more. The moisture in our fresh poultry and fish supply everything needed to cook the food in their own juices.

    RAWZ 由輕輕煮熟的肉組成,非常可口,無需添加脂肪。

    碳水化合物是均衡飲食的重要組成部分,但就像人類一樣,經常食用碳水化合物含量高的食物會導致健康狀況不佳。一些傳統的寵物食品包含超過 50% 的碳水化合物,在一些無穀物寵物食品中甚至高達 40%。 RAWZ 不使用穀物和土豆,而是使用替代來源,如豌豆澱粉,其血糖指數較低,是不溶性纖維的極好來源。


    生食是最純淨的。 RAWZ 採用人類級、溫和烹飪、最少加工的成分製成,是生食或自製飲食的理想補充。

    好的食物需要時間來準備。出於這個原因,RAWZ 以小批量溫和烹製,以確保食品安全,僅此而已。我們新鮮的家禽和魚類中的水分提供了肉汁烹飪食物所需的一切。